HopeRoad - 2017

HopeRoad Foundation


Born from a passion to make short-term humanitarian trips available and welcoming to anyone with a desire to truly make a difference in the world, HopeRoad is simply an organization dedicated to helping those in need across the world.

We offer life-changing, short-term humanitarian projects for those who want to make a huge impact within local and/or international communities.


The hardest part of making a difference is finding a place to fit in and sometimes it is daunting to take that first step to becoming a part of an organization. But at HopeRoad, our volunteers are just average people…moms, dads, young adults, there is no special experience required and no previous knowledge of non-profit work that you need. We are just a great group of people that really want to find ways to help others across the world. Whether we are painting schools in Haiti or rebuilding houses in Kentucky, HopeRoad couldn’t exist without the help of our volunteers. We’re sure that HopeRoad is the place for you.

Don’t let fear be the thing that holds you back. Take a chance and get involved with HopeRoad today. Whatever your contribution, we welcome new faces with open hearts.